What's a Workbook without a Pen?

Each order comes with a complementary pen to complete the experience of journaling your thoughts and feelings in the book as you work through it.

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Discover The Divine Within Yourself

Have you been looking for Divine Connection and self-healing? Through Conversations with the Divine Mother, you will will embark on a journey through personal experiences and journal prompts to discover your Higher Self and learn to accept and share love with the world.

Healing from the Highest Source

I'm really impressed by her willingness and openness. Her words are helping lots of people who have dealt with abusive relationships/marriages, numbing and living a life a being "fine".

Rachelle G.

Becoming More of Who I Know I Was Made to Be

This book is helping me heal my relationship with myself and with God. I’ve always believed in a Heavenly Mother, but I have felt shame around finding her- like it’s not allowed or wrong. Reading Cami’s story has helped me seek a relationship with my Heavenly Mother, to embrace my feminine power, truly feel like an equal, and become more of who I know I was made to be. I’m grateful for these sacred experiences I’ve had with this book.

Tiffany W.

Expand the Reader into a New Realm of Unconditional Love

Cami Epperson is a voice of love in the world. She is here to shift the way people see, hear and feel love. Her book, “Conversations with The Divine Mother” is a transformational book that can expand the reader into a new realm of unconditional love. Cami is a thought leader, a healer and a beacon of light!

Keira P.

I Bring it with Me When I'm in Carpool Lines

“If your heart is searching for clarity and peace, you will find all you need and more in Cami’s new book ‘Conversations with the Divine Mother’.  The artwork in the pages of this book are breathtaking and the questions sprinkled throughout left me self-reflecting in the best ways.   Finding a connection with Divinity has never felt more personal and meaningful. I bring it along with me when I’m in carpool lines.  It’s always just what I need.”

Kristin M.